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Art Gallery in Fort Madison, IA | The Victoria Gallery
The Victoria Gallery

Welcome to The Victoria Gallery

We invite you to journey through time and beauty at The Victoria Gallery locations in Fort Madison, IA. Step into our historic buildings, immerse yourself in the captivating world of fine art in our art gallery, and indulge in the traditional delights of our English tea room. With a warm and friendly atmosphere, we are dedicated to providing a truly memorable experience for all our visitors.

Preserving History, Cherishing Tradition

The Victoria Gallery is a proud guardian of the town’s rich heritage. Our restored historic buildings, boasting the old federal style and showcasing the evolving significance of architecture at the time, serve as a testament to the past. We are committed to historic preservation and maintaining the utmost respect for these stunning structures, ensuring they can be appreciated for generations to come.

Rediscover the Beginning of Iowa

Our town holds the distinguished honor of being the beginning of Iowa. With its rich history and fascinating origins, this locale played a pivotal role as a hub for trade and a point of entry centuries ago. The Victoria Gallery provides a window into this remarkable past, inviting you to explore the heritage that shaped our town and our gallery itself.

Tea Room in Fort Madison, IA | The Victoria Gallery Tea Room

About the Gallery

Dr. B. Marie Brady-Whitcanack is the owner and is an acrylic artist who focuses on large public murals, landscapes, and portraits. In addition, Dr. Brady is an adjunct professor teaching Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, and Research Methods.

Her gallery offers exhibits of emerging artists and photographers in addition to established professional artists. Various art workshops and cultural events are offered during the year.

Immerse yourself in the past!

Host Your Special Event in Our Tea Room

Tea Room in Fort Madison, IA | The Victoria Gallery Tea Room

Enjoy Your Stay in Our Historic B&B

Bed & Breakfast in Fort Madison, IA | The Victoria Bed & Breakfast
The Victoria Gallery

Embrace Local Artistry

Experience the Artist in Residence

Step into the realm of creativity and witness an artist at work. Our Artist in Residence program brings talented artists from around the world to our gallery, providing you with a rare opportunity to observe their techniques, gain insights into their artistic journeys, and engage in fascinating conversations. Immerse yourself in the artistic process and be inspired by the magic that unfolds before your eyes.

Unleash Your Creativity in Workshops

Enhance your artistic knowledge and skills through our engaging workshops. Whether you prefer individual sessions or group workshops, we offer a variety of programs that delve into the realms of art, history, and the joy of painting. Learn from our expert instructors, explore different techniques, and discover the stories behind famous masterpieces. Our workshops promise an experience that will ignite your creativity and inspire you.

Whether you’d like to join a workshop or discover pieces for your art collection, contact us at 319-372-6842 today!


The Victoria Gallery

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The Victoria Gallery Tea Room

718 Avenue G
Fort Madison, IA 52627

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